microwave chicken curry

Microwave is a boon to the lady in her modern kitchen. So many recipes are being modified to get the taste of conventional cooking with convenience of microwave. I have adapted recipe from here from this blog to my convenience and taste.


1/2 lb chicken(any cut)
2 small red onions(chopped)
1 tsp white sesame seeds
1 tsp corriander seeds
1 tsp ginger-garlic paste
1 tsp dry coconut powder
1 tsp paprika (to add color)
garam masala as per taste
1 small tomato
lemon juice
salt as per taste
1 tsp oil

It is a very easy recipe to please your guests and family with. The curry turns out the way as if you have slogged on the stove for a long time.

Marinate chicken with chopped tomato, lemon juice, salt and paprika for 30 minutes.

Combine chopped onion, ginger-garlic paste, sesame seeds, corriander seeds and coconut powder. Microwave this mixture for 5 minutes. Please take care, not to burn this mixture, so keep on stirring. The mixture should be cooked in a microwave till the mixture is dried up. Grind this dried up masala to a smooth paste.

Usually, at this stage, on some occasions I switch to stove top, if I am simultaneously cooking something. On stovetop version, heat oil in a small kadhai, add the marinated chicken, garam masala and cook for some time till the raw smell is gone. Add the grinded masala and hot water and let it boil for 5-10 minutes and the yummy chicken curry is ready to serve.

In a microwave, sprinkle few drops of water on chicken.Add oil and cover the chicken in a microwave safe pot. Cook the chicken till it is half cooked. Add the ground masala and warm water. Microwave again till chicken is cooked. On an average, chicken takes around 15-20 minutes to cook properly.

Garnish the chicken curry with chopped cilantro........And enjoy with loved ones!!


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