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Egg stuffed spinach ricotta paratha

With so many incomplete projects ahead of me, I am trying to streamline the things that can be done right away. And it can be just said that making meals very interesting is not at the top priority right now. But still, food should be healthy and tasty. So the regular breakfast staple at our abode is making frequent entry as dinner these days.It is most liked by my finicky daughter Miss. R . Anything for her!

Here goes the recipe.


1 cup boiled and grinded spinach
(I usually make a big batch of boiled spinach. Boil spinach with few green chillies, Jeera and big elaichi, as per taste, and grind the mixture. I freeze this in small batches in ziploc and date it accordingly)
3 Tbsp Ricotta cheese
Dhana-Jeera powder
turmeric powder
Chili powder as per taste
2 cups of atta(wheat flour)
oil for making parathas
salt as per taste

for filling
3 eggs
1 tsp chopped cilantro
1 tbsp finely chopped/crushed veggies of your choice(optional)
1 green chili
salt as per taste

Make a dough of all the ingredie…

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