Grilled figs with honey

This is the simplest dessert one can ever imagine. Fresh figs are one of my father's favourite fruit. Now when I eat it here, I remember him at each bite. This is for you Papa.....


Fresh brown turkey figs
brown sugar(optional)
Icecream/ricotta cheese(optional)

Heat the grill plate. Cut the figs in half. If using brown sugar, sprinkle on figs.Keep the cut side on the grill, the grilling mark should appear in a minute.
Grill all the figs and drizzle them with honey. Some vanilla icecream can be used for topping or for low fat, whip up some vanilla and ricotta cheese and top the grilled figs. Walnuts or almond slices can be sprinkled as well.I like mine without any toppings. Oh it is so so yummy.......


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