healthy lunch for kid #1

Feeding Miss.R is one of the tidiest task. She gets tired with one kind of food soon enough that, I have to be constantly in search of something new to be one step ahead of her. Some kind of Dosa is always to the rescue to feed this finicky child. I always make up names to tell her. Today it is Raagich(Raagi+Spinach) dosa.

Raagich Dosa

2 spoons Raagi flour
2 spoons rice flour
1 spoon semolina
few drops lemon juice
carom seeds(Ajwain) as per taste
1 slice tomato finely chopped
9-10 spinach leaves finely chopped
salt as per taste

Mix all the ingredients together and leave aside for few minutes. Make the dosa in the same fashion as dosa on a hot griddle.
Serve it with condiments of your choice.


  1. Smart thinking! Looks good! :)

  2. Kids make you smart, isn't it? I always thought it's the other way round...........:)


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