Good times, yummy fish and healthy dinner!

Mr. N and miss. R were in the merriest moods last weekend and we were sweltering in this hot land. Our small freezer is packed with frozen foods. Took out some frozen asparagus, tilapia fillets and was trying to figure it out, what to whip out for sunday dinner.

So we had skillet lime salt fish, Quinoa, Avocado-Mango-chickpea salsa and Asparagus-baby squash saute. Some white wine "Zinfandel" and good music in the background. "Life is good" and we were so busy with it that there are not many decent photos of the whole meal thing.

Skillet lime-salt fish


4 Tilapia fillets(fresh or thawed, if frozen)
1/4 tsp cumin powder
red chili-lime-salt( as per taste)
2 tsp oil

Rub the tilapia fillets with the spices. Heat the iron skillet and add the oil. Cook the tilapia fillets on both sides. The fish takes a pretty red color with paprika. Even though, the fish does not take lot of ingredients, the results are pretty awesome.

For asparagus-babysquash saute, just chop the veggies and saute it at high flame with black pepper and sea-salt at high flame for a minute.

Cheers to good time and good food!


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