Anniversary cake

Our 7th wedding anniversary was in April. With some special circumstances, we were not in great mood to celebrate it this year. I got a betty crocker vanilla cake mix. Baked the cake, but it looked so bland, so just whipped out something and the cake started looking good. I added some sugar and mango pulp to cream cheese. Put that on the cake as frosting and then decorated it with cut fruits. Mr. N is really into fruits, so I knew it was surely going to please him.

It was my parents' 31st anniversary yesterday and my lil sis miss.N pleased them with onion paratha, capsicum curry, salad, homemade pickle and butterscotch icecream. What a day..........
Being the lazy soul that I am, I should keep up my promises and plan a 5 course dinner for my mom. Some day mom, some day............
you have millions more anniversaries together..mamma and papa!


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